Can CBD oil cure cancer?

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Can CBD oil cure cancer?

Today, this is a million dollar question.

Since the debate hit the public domain, every day we wake up to a testimony that goes viral with all credit going to cannabis. None of the viral reports are vague. The claims of cure are substantiated by scientific facts and practical experiences by the affected people. Cannabis is interestingly gaining popularity in the medical field with members of public as the main propagators of the medicine. Funny enough, members of the public, who are not experts, are the ones endorsing the cannabis to be working as medicine for cancer and other ailments. The medical fraternity loudly maintains their silence and reservations on the matter.

On the other hand, oncology knowledge only states functions of cannabis with respect to palliative care. Experts in botany demonstrate their ignorance on components of cannabis in relation to alteration of cancer cells. However, they cannot deny the fact that THC and CBD are primary components of cannabis, which have been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and pain. Oncologists only accept part of results from these tests, stating that THC is only proven to lessen nausea and pains from chemotherapy. Where does this leave a common citizen with scarce knowledge on medicine and biology? It is a mist of confusion and controversy on public domain. While part of the medical professionals prove components of cannabis and their impact on cellular formation and behavior, their counterparts deny relevance of the conclusions. As it stands now, either it is a conspiracy or simply a theory that is yet to gain substantial proof.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cancer

This is one of the primary compounds that come to questions whenever Cannabis is mentioned. Skeptics link the compound to getting and influencing “weird” human behavior because of its influence on the mind. There is no question to that, THC is responsible for getting you high. but this is not the only role it performs in the body. THC only get you high when exposed to high temperatures. In fact, this only proves that THC has a direct effect on the central nervous system of a person. The fact that it alters the functioning of human and mind and behavior, the compound is significant and should not be carelessly discarded.

THC was first synthesizes in 1964 by Dr. Raphael in Israel. Between the two key components of Cannabis, THC is the most commonly used as cannabinoid in clinical perspectives. Other than getting high, there is more therapeutic functions associated with this component. THC activates CB1 receptor found in the central nervous system, which leads to a relaxed and pain free feeling.

Cannabis cure for cancer is based on THC’s function in altering CB1 receptor thus killing cancer cells. Cell death in a human being occurs daily; either programmed or naturally. THC is said to interfere with function of cells in the central nervous system that controls function cells. Ceramide is a metabolite key in programming cell death. When the levels of ceramide are high, cell die and vice versa. THC gets to CB1 receptor, which controls ceramide thus making it possible to kill cancer cells and avoid normal cells. This was tested and proven in clinical experiments using mice as the specimen.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and cancer

There is barely any specific information concerning impact of CBD in the body with respect to cell function. According to experts, the component acts subtly on internal functions and processes of the body. CBD is not responsible for changed human behavior and mind after using cannabis. However, the research and tests in clinical labs indicate CBD elements merging with CB2 receptors of cancer cells. Pairing with these cells that propagate growth and multiplication of cancer cells leads to Caspase Cascade, a process believed to kill the cancer cells.

In another experiment with the same mice, the CBD elements pairing with CB2 receptor led to shutting down of ID-1 gene, which allows metastatic lesions to form within the cells. According to the scientists, this was an interesting discovery because it posed as the first no-toxic exogenous agent. Breast cancer is relates to failure of metastatic functions that lead to inflammation hence development of tumor.

Currently, there are insufficient clinical trials that cause controversies. However, the possibility of cannabis as cancer cure should not be shunned. Be cautiously hopeful.

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