CBD oil for cancer as an alternative remedy - fact or fiction?

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CBD oil for cancer as an alternative remedy - fact or fiction?

2018 added flavor to the hospital board rooms with the discussion on medicinal values of CBD oil. It is already in the public domain and featuring as a buzz topic for many people. Members of the public are making use of their analytical skills and forming their own opinions on the matter. CBD oil is not only said to be an alternative treatment for cancer but to other forms of ailments also. The oil is said to be rich in elements that alter normal functioning of several cells in the human body. In fact, there exists scientific journals and literature that lend credibility to these notions. The fact that science has a hand in proving part of the claims makes it an interestingly controversial topic. Many people believe there is potential in healing capability in CBD oil that should be explored.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a product from marijuana plant. The oil is said to contain two ingredients key for medicinal purposes. The two primary elements from Marijuana are the Psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is said to be the dominant ingredient in CBD oil, which also contains significantly less portions of THC as compared to marijuana cigarette when smoked. However, both of the two ingredients, CBD and THC are recommended by experts for medicinal use.

CBD oil is extracted from the plants through a distillation process to form a concentrated solvent. The extracted oil can then be added in other oils either for medical purposes or flavor in oils used in the kitchen.

Clinical research indicates that CBD is instrumental in reducing pain caused by inflammation as well as nausea, which is common in cancer patients. Chemotherapy patients often end up in pain that CBD combines with Cannabinoids (a compound found in Cannabis) help in reducing the pain. Besides, research proves that cannabinoids target cancer cells and destroy them almost instantly. While this is being used as a basis for cancer treatment in human beings, the studies have only been conducted on animals.


In as much as there is a lot of hype and buzz over the matter, there are only few studies going on in this regard. Still, the studies are in early stages to jump to conclusions. As such, the members of public are left in a mist of confusion and controversy on how effective is cannabinoids on human cancer cells and what dose is enough to kill the said cancer cells.

Interestingly, CBD oil is an existing product in the market, which is gaining popularity day by day. Cancer is a undoubtedly a deadly disease that affected individuals and their families would do anything in addition to chemotherapy treatments to save life. If you have seen a cancer a patient at advanced stages, you would understand what it means. If it is a family member or friend, you would give a try to any tip that gives you hope irrespective of the source of news. Sadly, some people have taken advantage of the desperation and making business out of it. This is according to a 2015 report by Charity Cancer Research UK.

However, we cannot fully discredit CBD oil because it is extracted from cannabis, which contains CBD and THC identified to be of medicinal value. The research organization accepts the fact that Marijuana contains these elements that have significant biological effect on human body. They however insist on moderation on the matter and advise patients to proceed with caution to avoid falling for the scammer tricks. The organization, which is also in the ongoing study, emphasizes on importance of waiting for scientists to determine the fate of CBD oil.


As controversies fill the medial and public discussions, Rick Simpson represents some who claim to have used CBD oil and it is functional. In fact, these group of people highly despise chemotherapy by linking it to cause of death for cancer patients. Rick believes that CBD oil, a concentrated extract from cannabis is not only a cancer treatment but also many other ailments.

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