Cannabinoids is here to stay as medicine

by Formula Swiss June 23, 2019 3 min read

Cannabinoids is here to stay as medicine

Dr. Gregory Lee Gerdeman has raised his concern over the increased use of Cannabinoids as medicine. In a published report by South Florida Hospital News, the expert in medicine emphasizes on the urgency of doctors and other health practitioners to address the matter. Gregory mentions that he has come across multiple testimonials from patients that support use of the plant as medicine for formal procedures. There is a huge public support from individuals and groups of friends and families with patients rallying behind the motion. The greatest fear for Dr. Gregory is the fact that there is significant scientific research proven by multiple professionals on workability of cannabinoids thus increasing popularity of the drug. The fact that the public are aware of scientific facts behind the research, the credibility of the cannabis as drug has significantly increased. It is nothing to assume.


Endocannabinoids are lipid signaling molecules mainly found in the nervous tissues. The elements are produced in all parts of the body thus behave like paracrine signals where they influence each other and alter functionality of every element. The fact that endocannabinoids are produced all over the body have a similar mechanism to paracrine signaling is a serious medical concern. While medical professionals are still in research on how to best tame the cells from influencing each other and altering behavior, cannabis offer a quick and cheap solution as medicine for the condition.

Medical organizations are quiet on whether they support the use of cannabis or not as medicine. In the midst of all these, deep and extensive research is ongoing, which is posting positive results on workability of cannabis as medicine. It is only few months since the emergence of news on cannabis as medicine. Despite it being new, the news has immensely spread in the community and across the world. if medical professionals are thinking, the research results are not convincing, the matter is only on the surface. It is going deeper.

Functions of cannabinoids

Some of the highlighted functions of cannabis as medicine are:

  • Neuroendocrine control over metabolism
  • Anti-seizure
  • Pleiotropic effects on inflammatory immune function
  • Bone remodeling

Besides, cannabinoids help in reducing pain related to inflammation caused by nerve malfunctions. The reports are purely based on clinical data and research results by medical professionals. Cannabis reduces pain by altering neural circuits in the brain responsible for controlling sensory nerves around the body. When the central neural circuits are controlled, inflammation is inhibited thus blocking any messages of pain sent to parts of the body.

According to Dr. Gerdeman functions of cannabis are available on high caliber scientific research based on extensive research thus credible information. He explains how alteration of central circuit system in the brain also helps in balancing emotions, reducing stress, and anxiety.

Cannabinoids proves to be credible

So far, the American FDA in has already approved two pills containing cannabinoids. The said pills are mainly used in dealing with nausea and increasing appetite. On the other hand, the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NID) has cleared cannabis of any significant effect on human health. In fact, the NID has endorsed CBD to be used as a drug. The organization has termed CBD as a convenient, cheap, and effective medicine that helps in relieving pain caused by inflammation among other significant functions in the body. The drug is possibly the answer to mental illness.

Clinical reports points out specific cases of individuals with epilepsy, mental illness and addiction that tremendously improved in their respective conditions after using cannabis. The fact that NID has distanced the drug from any alteration of human behavior or mind clears it as a legal source of medicine.

Research on cannabis’ appropriateness in special rooms has been going on for the past twenty years. It is surprising how deep the mystery goes that after all these years; there are still untapped facts about Cannabis. Research is ongoing by different organizations and individuals. National authorities concerned with health are also keenly following the matter. According to Dr. Gregory it will not take long before cannabis is accepted and endorsed as medicine for a variety of diseases.

However, Dr. Gerdeman who has been researching the drug since 1996 advises doctors to make an ethical stand and deny access to medical marijuana. He poses his argument on amoral perspective.

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