How much CBD oil should I give to my dog?

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How much CBD oil should I give to my dog?

When it comes to pet medication, finding the right dosage is very crucial. The wrong dosage of medication can lead to several severe side effects that can lead to death. That is why pet parents do not experiment with the pet medication and prefer to visit the vet. It has been found that most of the dogs are suffering from anxiety and joint pain. It might be because of their lifestyle or some congenital problems.

Recent, research has shown that CBD oil is very effective for the pets and especially dogs. It helps in the production of hormones that help to relieve the pain and other symptoms that might have been disturbing them. The best thing about the CBD oil is that it does not have any psychotic effects, which means that your dog will not have to deal with any side effects.

There are many individuals who are planning to give their dog CBD oil in order to maintain their health. However, they do not know how much CBD oil hey should utilize. Here we have complete information about the CBD oil dosage and uses you should know about.

Why use CBD oil for dogs?

A common question most people ask is that why they should give their pets CBD oil. They think that CBD oil is only for the humans and it is dangerous for the pets. However, you should know that there are many physical and mental benefits of the CBD oil that your pet can enjoy. Here are some of the benefits you have to consider.

Nausea and digestive issues

A common issue most of the small puppies have to deal with is nausea and digestive issues. It has been found that when you will change the diet of your puppy from milk to solid food, for a few days his digestive system will not be ready to accept the change in meal. That is why your puppy will be irritable and lethargic. With the CBD oil you will be able to control the sickness of your pet. It will help his body accept the new food items.

Muscle pain

As the physical activity of the puppy will increase, he will have to suffer from muscle and joint pain. It might be because of the wear and tear of the muscles or tendons. However, the quick recovery is very important, so your puppy will have a healthy life. When you will start giving your puppy CBD oil before going to bed, you will notice that his pain will be relieved, and your puppy will have a good sleep after which the pain and muscle injury will be cured.

Systemic balance

Systemic imbalance is the common issue, puppies often have to deal with. It can be because of the improper diet plan or because he is not getting proper physical activity. This is the reason that metabolic rate of the dog is affected due to which he often deals with some health disorders. With the help of CBD oil this issue can be resolved. You will notice that your dog will be able to control his diet as well as he will remain active. The systemic balance of your puppy is very important for a long and healthy life.

Stress reduction

Stress is not only the issue in humans. You will be surprised to know that pets easily get stressed. In case you have not returned home on time your puppy will be stressed, not getting food on time will lead to stress. It is very important that you control the stress level of the puppy because that is the only way your puppy will have a healthy life. CBD oil will help maintain the release of stress hormones in the body of the puppy. It will help to control the stressful situation. It will help your puppy live a healthy life.

CBD oil dosage for your pet

Before you start giving your dog the CBD oil, it is important that you know the required dosage of the oil. It is the only way; your dog will be able to get all the benefits that come with the product. Here we have the recommended dosage of the CBD oil according to the weight and size of the dog.

  • A small dog of size of 10 kg should have 4-6 drops daily of our 3% Pet CBD oil.
  • Medium size dogs of weight 10 to 25 kg. should have 8-12 drops daily of our 3% Pet CBD oil.
  • Large size dog of weight 25 kg or more should have about 15 drops daily our 3% Pet CBD oil.

How to give your dog CBD oil

Most of the people think that they can mix the drops in the food of their dog and the medication will be easily transferred into their body. However, with the CBD oil, it is not the right way because your dog will not get the beneficial effects. You should know that you will have to give your pet the drops directly.

We all know that dogs are not really the fan of medication and that is why they will not take the CBD oil directly. In the beginning, you will have to forcefully make your dog have the oil because that is the only way it will be consumed. Within few days your dog will get used to oil and he will happily start having the CBD oil because of the relieving factor that comes with the medication.

Make sure that you get the best quality CBD oil for your dog. You should get the CBD oil that has been extracted using the best technique, so you can have the pure quality oil. There are many retailers who are selling the best quality CBD oil. Assure that you check the reviews and rating of the retailer, so you will know about the performance of their products. Once you have started giving your dog CBD oil, assure that you maintain the dosage within normal limits for the best effects.


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