Cannabis enhances pain-relief from opioids

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Cannabis enhances pain-relief from opioids

Opioids addiction is one of the worst problems that most people are suffering from. People like to take over the counter drugs because of pain. However, they do not know that if they will keep taking the painkillers without any effective treatment, they will be addicted to the drugs. That is why experts have been conducting research on how they can use opioids with cannabis for pain relief. After research and experiments, experts have been able to claim that using a mixed dose of cannabis and opioids or adding cannabis to the treatment plan of patients will give the following positive effects.

Pain relief

Pain is the biggest problem due to which patients prefer to take opioids and other painkillers. However, we all know that CBD is very effective against pain. It can inhibit the release of neurotransmitters on the body that causes severe pain. That is why patients will not have to suffer from any kind of pain. Experts are finding a way to introduce CBD to the treatment plan of patients in such a way that patients will not be able to find out that they are being treated by natural remedies. Otherwise, they might resist the use of cannabis even before they can notice any positive effects.

Reduce dependence

One of the biggest benefits of using cannabis for treatment of pain is that it will reduce the dependency on opioids. Patients will no run to the drug store even when they are suffering from minor pain. Cannabis and especially CBD has no psychotic effects. That is why it will not only reduce the dependence on opioids but also it will help to protect the patients from the opioid addiction. Cannabis is not addictive which means that patients will not have to suffer from any kind of addiction.

No more side effects

A common problem that most patients have to deal with is the side effects of different drugs and opioids that they have been consuming. According to recent research opioids and painkillers directly affect the kidneys and liver. There are certain chemicals in the opioids that are not filtered by the liver and kidney. If you will keep consuming opioids you will have to deal with some dangerous side effects that come with it. However, in the treatment plan when the dosage of opioids will be changed with cannabis, patients will not have to deal with any side effects. Doctors can slowly reduce the dosage of opioids and increase the dose of cannabis to assure that patients will have a healthy life once their problem is cured.

This opioid-sparing effect will be helpful in many ways once medical officials will start using it for the treatment of patients. It will allow to cure various health issues and to assure patients that they will not have to suffer from any kind of addiction.

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