Top tips to protect your hair when it’s cold outside

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Top tips to protect your hair when it’s cold outside

The winter weather affects not only your skin, but it causes also problems for your hair. In order to have a fabulous hair, you should take extra care of your hair now because the weather outside is still cold.

Wondering where to start? In this article, you have seven top tips, so you will know exactly what you should do.

 1. Wear a hat

It is important to wear a hat during the cold season because it protects your hair from the wind, rain and snow. Also, this simple thing can hide a bad hair day.

 2. Don’t wash too often

It is important to have your hair clean, It is important to have your hair clean, but it isn’t recommended to wash it over 3 times per week in the cold season. Overwashing your hair can leave your strands dry.

 3. Don’t forget to trim your hair

Taking care of your hair also includes cutting it from time to time, because of split ends, that are more common during the winter months.

 4. Eat balanced

Take care of what you eat because your hair needs vitamins in order to be healthy.

 5. Keep your hair and scalp hydrated

During the cold season, your scalp can become dry because of the temperature fluctuations between indoors and outdoors. Biotinox can protect your scalp and much more than this, it helps your hair to get thick.

 6. Avoid styling your hair too often

Try to avoid curling irons and hair dryers. Style your hair only if there is a need because the heat can dry out your hair and your scalp.

 7. Use conditioner

Because it is cold outside, you need to be more careful with your hair and you should use conditioner. Use conditioning packs and hair oils at least once per week, because these products are vital in winter for maintaining your hair healthy.


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