What are terpenes?

What are terpenes?

Any natural component that particularly has the properties that not only benefit its origin but are also useful for the human body is always appreciated by the masses. Especially people who believe in the treatment through natural and organic products tend to be healthier than the others who become addictive to the harmful medicines from the treatment of their physical and mental health. The main reason for using the natural ingredients is to permanently get rid of the diseases and prolonged ailments that make the person internally weak. For this purpose, a lot of the awareness is being created by the scientific experts who are the true believers of the herbal elements.

This is why the ratio of harmful medicines to the useful natural ingredients is decreasing day by day. Plants are one of the best sources of natural components from which the effective elements are extracted through a scientific procedure. The cannabis plant is a common type of the marijuana that is popular for its highly effective properties of treating severe medical illness without producing any side-effects. The hemp of the cannabis plant contains certain components that are responsible for producing a specific aroma called the terpenes.

Definition of terpenes

The terpenes are the components of the cannabis plant present in its hemp. The special aroma of the flowers of the cannabis plant is mainly the terpenes which differentiate it from the other plants. This smell is sometimes sweet and fruity, while some consider it as a bitter aroma that is an unpleasant form of the medicine made from it. This smell of the terpenes is not an ordinary one like that of the other herbal plants. In fact, it contains some amazing properties which are medically fit for the treatment of severe physical and mental diseases including cancer and neurological disorders.

The cannabis terpenes

As mentioned above, terpenes are the components of the cannabis plant that are responsible for producing the specific aroma. However, nobody has the precise idea of that aroma because some people find it to be sweet while others claim it to be bitter and unpleasant. The effect of the cannabis terpenes is somewhat similar to that of the cannabinoids, another element of the cannabis plant. That said, what makes both of them different from each other are the individual qualities that are natural and effective in a unique way. People who have used terpenes in the form of the oil for the treatment of severe diseases claim the natural aroma ingredient to be producing zero side-effects.

Does it make you high?

Before the proper scientific experiments and research, most of the people thought terpenes to be a source of making the person’s brain high and addictive to the herbal ingredient. This was due to the fact that terpenes are directly related to the smelling phenomenon which creates a misconception of it being an addictive drug to for pain relief and treatment of the neurological disorders. However, thanks to the latest research and technology, terpenes have been labeled as a safe organic source of oil which can be commonly used without the need for a prescription.

Having said that, terpenes also directly affect the brain receptors such as dopamine, which is also the main reason for it being highly effective. This is the main reason why a lot of the believers of the herbal medicine failed to accept terpenes as a secure consumption.

The effects of terpenes

After a thorough research on the differences between cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, and terpenes, it is concluded that unlike CBD, terpenes directly link with the natural endocannabinoid present in our bodies only to affect the brain cells that release dopamine i.e. the pleasure cells. This way, terpenes taken in the form of oil or a dabber allows the brain receptors to react to it, as a result of which it provides relief to the pain and other neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. This is how terpenes have a great influence on our internal body without producing any side effects such as addiction or a high-effect on the brain.

The common immediate effects of terpenes include:

1. Sleepiness 
2. Relaxation
3. Anxiety relief
4. Improves heart rate
5. Elevates mood

Are there any side-effects of terpenes?

THC is the psychoactive ingredient that is also found in the cannabis plant and most people relate it to the other elements of the plant that gives birth to a misconception. While THC is a reality that makes the person goes high on the brain activities and also becomes a source of addiction for the drug that it is. However, it cannot be compared to terpenes that is a totally different component of the cannabis plant because it does not contain any psychoactive ingredients that are harmful to the brain. That said, when terpenes is consumed, it immediately has an effect on the disturbed parts of the body that makes it one of the highly-effective natural and organic remedies in today’s time.

How are terpenes consumed?

The most form of Terpenes consumption is the hemp oil that is taken by the sufferer in order to treat the affected parts of the body. However, terpenes is naturally present on some of the fruits and other edibles such as mangoes that allow the humans to consume it on a regular to daily basis to maintain a balance in the mental activities of the brain receptors. Also, terpenes are said to release an aroma like that of the cloves and black pepper. This is why terpenes are found to produce an extremely concentrated smell that is mostly unbearable under normal circsumstances. However, it can be taken in the form of oil, capsules, and fruits etc. to get rid of the unwanted aches, physical, and mental illness.

The smell of terpenes is basically meant to attract the pollinators and distract the predators, which is why it is also called the natural cannabis plant shield. The cannabinoids and terpenes present in the cannabis plant are the most effective natural ingredients that are helpful in treating some of the severe diseases such as cancer and chronic body pains.

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