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Can CBD help with menopause?

Can CBD help with menopause?

Women tend to have more complicated internal body system than men and hence, they’re known for their upsetting mood swings and other factors that depend on the hormonal changes happening in the body. However, only a few of the people, especially men, understand this fact and do not blame the women in their loves for acting weirdly on certain things that can otherwise be dealt with peace and harmony.

Of all the other hormonal setup in a woman’s body, menopause is one thing that needs to be understood the most because it lasts for more than 10 years including the period in which the body starts preparing for it till the time it actually ends. Having said that, the symptoms of menopause and hormonal imbalance continues to be there for the lifetime due to the fact that the estrogen level on which the female reproductive systems depend on keeps disturbing the mental and physical abilities.

On the flipside, what is better than a procedure with natural products and ingredients to help in recovering from the crucial side-effects of menopause without causing harm to the natural human body system? Well, CBD is the answer to all the stress and anxiety that women have to go through before, during, and after menopause.

What is menopause?

Menopause is a natural condition which every woman goes through in her life at around 45-50 years of age. The process of menopause is basically the end of the menstrual cycle of women in which the ovaries stop producing eggs and the estrogen levels in the body, also known to be sex hormone, gradually decreases to an extent that it completely vanishes after the menopause ends.

The human body has a lot more complications beyond our imagination, especially a woman’s life is nothing less than a roller coaster ride in which she has to go through a lot of the hormonal problems during the menstrual period and even after it ends.

Although the symptoms for menopause start showing 10 years before the actual menopause happens, it is important to understand the phenomenon in order to deal with in a better way without ruining the natural procedure. Women who take harmful medicines to reduce the menopause symptoms and finish the procedure in a hurry fail to get the point that as natural you will keep it, the better it will be for a healthy physical and mental state of the body.

Menopause is a reality and so every woman should remain prepared for it in the late 40s. However, please note that it is not as easy as it seems to be because hormonal changes in the body are the worst that make the person depressed, anxious, irritated, and stressed out for no apparent reason.

Symptoms of menopause

Here are some of the most common symptoms of menopause that will help in creating awareness for the very natural phenomenon that is often disregarded for being a taboo in the society.

1. Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are basically a wave of heat inside the body that does not match with the outside room temperature. Generally, this is an abnormal body reaction and one should consult a physician to get it diagnosed. However, if it’s about menopause i.e. the woman is near to her age at the end of the reproductive system then hot flashes are quite normal and should be taken as a strong menopause symptom.

2. Pains

Body aches which include joint and muscular pains are also common to occur during the menopause. Often women are known to be popular for complaining about the body pains in the late 30s and people think of them as weak and whining. When in reality, the pains are quite genuine and are caused due to the menopause happening in around 10-12 years.

3. Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are a part of the hormonal imbalance which is very common in women from the age when they hit puberty. After that, there is no looking back, from PPD to the late 40s mood swings, women have to struggle with it almost their life due to the complicated inner body system.

How does CBD help in dealing with menopause?

Our bodies naturally possess the endocannabinoid system which directly reacts to the CBD consumed. The ECS is most commonly also related to the estrogen levels in the body because it is supposed to react to the brain receptors for the release of dopamine, a pleasure releasing cell. This means that when the estrogen levels become less in a woman’s body, the ECS tends to help with balancing it for the sake of sanity and a balanced hormonal system.

CBD is in no way helpful for either starting the menopause or delaying it. In fact, it is greatly supportive in dealing with the symptoms to make it less difficult for the women. This means that CBD should be regularly taken from the age of around 40 until the menopause completes its mechanism. The endocannabinoid system proves to be of great help in first reacting with the medically useful properties of CBD and then assisting the women in overcoming with the harsh changes that their bodies go through in the form of a natural system.  

Benefits of CBD for menopause

  1. It helps in balancing the natural estrogen levels which is great for dealing with the anxiety and mood swings.
  2. It proves to be beneficial for providing relief to the body pains because CBD is also best known to be useful for curing chronic, mild, and severe muscular and joint pains.
  3. CBD works wonder for the cases of depression and frustration, unlike the harmful addictive medicines.
  4. CBD naturally produces the endocannabinoid in the body which makes the procedure more natural and less harmful.
  5. Menopause is already a tiring journey for women and CBD helps a lot in making it less painful with the help of its natural properties.

CBD is definitely one of the best answers to the difficulties faced by women during their menopause. It should be regularly taken for other types of the diseases and medical conditions as well to help in contracting with the common symptoms of menopause that every woman goes throughout her life.



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by Formula Swiss June 18, 2019

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