CBD has profound antidepressant effect in animals

by Dr. Roberto Chiocchetti May 05, 2021 3 min read

CBD has profound antidepressant effect in animals

You will be surprised to know that stress is not only a problem in humans. There are many animals and pets that are suffering from serious depression only because they do not get the time of their human friends or they do not get the attention that they need. Due to depression, there are various other health problems that animals have to suffer from. However, recently the positive effects of CBD in humans are the reasons that scientists are interested in finding out whether it will be effective for animals or not. Here are some of the reasons how CBD might prove to be effective for animals that are suffering from depression.

Increase BDNF signaling

A recent study conducted on rodents showed the positive effects of CBD. It was acting just like any other antidepressant. It was found that the CBD increase the BDNF signals in the brain. They affected the cells of mPFC and hippocampus. It also had increased the density of the spine after 30 minutes of the application. That is why due to increase in such signals the rodents felt relaxed and their overall condition was improved. These are the same effects that are induced by antidepressants in the animals.

Improve mood

There are various chemical changes that are happening in the mind of the animals just like humans. In order to control depression, it is important to control and improve all such reactions. CBD can help improve the mood of the animals just like it does in humans. It can calm their senses that will help them fight against the cause of depression and improve the overall condition of the pets.

Relax mind and reduce stress

It has been proved in the research that CBD can help relax the mind of the pets. The biggest cause of depression is anxiety and stress. CBD can help to relieve this condition of stress due to which most pets feel uncomfortable. It can bring a positive change in the behaviour. The rodents that were behaving badly before they were given CBD, had a very calm behaviour after the induction of CBD into their body. They showed positive results in terms of different tests that were conducted on the rodents.

It demonstrated that little dosage of CBD permitted the impact of little portions of serotonergic antidepressants, for example, fluoxetine, to be viable. This demonstrates co-directing CBD with serotonergic antidepressants may add to the utilization of littler dosages of the last mentioned, in this way diminishing their symptoms, without trading off the energizer impact. This is a procedure to be additionally investigated in different examinations and in the clinical setting.

However, there are no effective results given yet that can show that CBD is really very effective for pets and animals. It might act as an antidepressant but the experts still have to work on their research to find out whether it will show any long term benefits in the animals just like it is doing in humans.

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Dr. Roberto Chiocchetti
Author: Dr. Roberto Chiocchetti

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