Will CBD oil make you sleep better at night?

by Formula Swiss May 02, 2019 4 min read

Will CBD oil make you sleep better at night?

Insomnia is a common problem in the present age. Particularly people with higher IQ and brain functionality are unable to sleep at night. In the same way individuals who are suffering from stress or depression also find it hard to fall asleep at night. Many researches have shown that extra efficient or creative people have higher brain functionality than the average human being and this is the reason, they find it hard to fall asleep at night. They keep on thinking about various things that might be related to their life, relationship or work. They are unable to relax their mind due to which they cannot sleep properly. You might consider it a common issue, but it can lead to various other health problems, if it not dealt with in time.

In the past few years, many exercises, therapies and medicines have been introduced to people suffering from sleeping disorder. They try to follow regular physical exercise, a good routine, do yoga, meditation and use different drugs like melatonin and magnesium that can help them fall sleep. The problem with these drugs is that their effects are temporary. With the passage of time patients have to increase the dose due to which the risk of addiction can be increased. Moreover, using these medicines will often keep the users dizzy for the following day. It was like you have slept, but after waking up; your brain will not be active to focus on the given tasks. It means that you will not be able to perform productively.

Experts are searching for drugs which are more effective and less harmful for the patients with sleep anemia or insomnia. According to recent studies from WHO, United Nation Panels, and International drug advisory committee CBD was tested to be the best and convenient solution for the people suffering from the sleeping disorder. Experts conducted a survey and found that patients who have been using CBD have a good night sleep and they are active during the day. Their performance has improved and they are able to complete their tasks on given time.

Can CBD help you fall asleep?

Many researches and tests have shown the positive impact of CBD in patients suffering sleep anemia, insomnia, and other sleeping problem. Their sleep time increased, patients with chronic pain were dealt with, and their overall health was improved.

According to Gretchen Lidicker, the author of the famous book on CBD oil, Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide To Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness:

Studying CBD is not easy as it is often considered as the illegal drug because of its relationship with marijuana, Cannabis. Both drugs are not legal in all states due to which extracting CBD oil and testing it legally on to the patients was not easy at all. However, even in the strict conditions the researches conducted so far have shown CBD oil as the most effective antidote to anxiety and insomnia”.

Lidicker has used sources and test references in her studies from Neuro-psychopharmacology human studies published in a journal. The journal studies stated that:

CBD has proven to be very helpful in the patients having social anxiety and lack of confidence. A clinical trial in Massachusetts which was conducted in a hospital among patients with anxiety disorder, and lack of confidence. They were given 10 mg of CBD, three timesin a day. In one month, their sleep pattern improved and patients showed various other positive effects in their health.”

What makes CBD oil best to help you sleep better at night?

Well, there are certain properties natural properties in this oil that help you improve sleep. As well as it interacts with the natural receptors of the body. It has anti-anxiety properties that directly removes the causes of insomnia. It relaxes the muscles in the brain. There is nothing in the world of drugs so far that has such positive impacts for people with sleeping disorder. It raises the natural levels of melatonin. Melatonin in the body helps humans in feeling relaxed and helps them avoid all types of negative and deep thoughts in the night.

Some patients from the studies took more time to feel the difference. This is because; they may have a serious anxiety disorder and natural production of Melatonin is a slow process. However, with the passage of time the patients have recovered.

Moreover, it has therapeutic properties that help to reduce the stress and relax the mind. This is the reason when you take CBD oil at night. You will not have any kind of deep or negative thoughts. You feel relaxed and hence get a sound sleep. Next day, when you get up in the morning, you feel active and more energetic. You will feel fresh.

Is overdosing CBD dangerous for your health?

Well, the experts are still doing research to find out negative effects of CBD and there are no accurate results available regarding the dosage or amount of CBD that should be used. Doctors, researchers, and professionals have not mentioned any dose of CBD oil that's harmful to the human body. There is also no data available that can show how many times CBD should be given during the day for positive effects.

This was also stated by Gretchen Lidicker in her book on CBD oil, Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide To Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness:

The dosage tested and accurate for patients is given on the bottle. A patient should go through the instructions written on the bottle before using CBD. Moreover, the effects of CBD oil can also vary from person to person. She said that all human bodies aren't the same and their causes of the Sleeping Disorder are also different. Hence, how CBD oil will help you and how long will it take, that completely depends upon how your brain reacts to this drug. Besides that, if it is showing results faster in one person it may show results slower in the other, said Lidicker.




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