Auto-Ship Program

Auto-Ship Program

We produce hundreds of different, unique and premium products and each in customised and localised packaging to be fully compliant with local legislation in more than 28 countries and stored across our four European warehouses and preferably as close to you as possible for the fastest fulfilment.

It requires a lot of planning, forecasting and budgeting to avoid running out of stock.

Save money - up to 27% on our products

If you sign-up for our auto-ship program and tell us which products you want automatically shipped to you and with which interval, then we will reward your loyalty and pass on our savings to you by offering you substantial savings on all products in the webshop.

We offer auto-ship discounts on all products in the webshop and even on bundles already discounted with 17-20%.

Save right away - and on your first order

For each product in our webshop, you can select "one-time purchase" or "auto-ship and save" in the webshop.

If you choose the latter, you will see the savings per product and have the option to select the delivery frequency at any time between one week and six months.

You simply check out like normal and the auto-ship is enabled. 

Set and forget convenience

Automatically receive your favourite products direct to your mailbox without bothering with ordering again and again.

You never have to worry about running out of your favourite products again.

Guaranteed delivery with the highest priority 

We always ship the auto-ship orders before any other orders in the webshop, so you can be guaranteed to receive the products in a timely manner.

Cancel, change or pause anytime

You can easily login to your profile in our webshop and adjust your settings for the auto-ship deliveries or you can contact us and we will do the changes for you as fast as possible.

To avoid the Auto-Ship Program being misused for single order purchases, we have set a limit meaning that you need to have a minimum of one automatic delivery after your first order.

Any questions? Just ask

If you have any questions about the Auto-Ship Program, then please don't hesitate to contact our customer service and we will be happy to guide you.