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    Formula Swiss is the place for you to be.
    Let us take care of you! The best products for you, right here.
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    Beautiful skin, naturally!
    Organic skin care that really works
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    100% natural and so much healthier than artificial energy drinks in all colors.
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    A healthier life with our products.
    Higher concentration of antioxidants.
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Formula Swiss AG was founded by a group of enthusiasts who all have a common goal of producing high quality products that strengthens the body's natural health in various ways. As we want to give our customers the very best we impose high demands on our quality and service, and keep tight check on our products. Therefore, we use natural and organic produce that is carefully treated to ensure that it keeps its qualities. This entails an ongoing testing of our products to ensure that they live up to our high standards. Therefore, you are always guaranteed the absolutely best when buying a Formula Swiss product.

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What our clients say about us

These are wonder products. I was able to lose 25 kg in 6 months and I am very happy with the results so far. I would recommend to anyone who wants to lose some weight and get the body they want using only natural ingredients.


This is just a blessing. To be able to use the best products on the market, that are 100% natural, is something that every women out there wish. My skin is softer, lighter and I feel great every day.


We offer the highest quality products for you

Make Formula Swiss your first option. Choose from our many natural and organic products