Industry Associations

Formula Swiss is an active participant and supporter of multiple associations that strive to make a difference in the cannabis industry. We aim to contribute to the development of the industry in various ways, sharing our resources and knowledge with these organizations.

By associating with these organizations, Formula Swiss reaffirms its commitment to advancing the CBD and hemp industry responsibly and sustainably. We believe in the potential of hemp and cannabis to contribute significantly to health and wellness, and we are proud to support these organizations in their respective missions.

Arge Canna

Since 2018, Formula Swiss has proudly supported ARGE CANNA, an Austrian non-profit association committed to expanding awareness, accessibility, and affordability of medical cannabis. We financially contribute to their endeavors, which include patient counselling, research projects, and lobbying for patient interests.

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The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

Formula Swiss has been an active member of EIHA since 2018. This non-profit organization advocates for the use of hemp as a sustainable crop in Europe. It ensures the highest standards in hemp production and promotes hemp’s various beneficial uses.

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EIHA Novel Food Consortium

As co-founders and shareholders of the EIHA Novel Food Consortium, we are dedicated to promoting the safe use of hemp-derived food products. The consortium is investing substantially in toxicological studies on CBD and THC, aiming to provide the highest level of safety and quality assurance for the global hemp food industry.

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The Swiss Cannabis Association (IG HANF)

We are proud members of IG HANF, an organization advocating for the legal regulation of cannabis in Switzerland for over 20 years. They promote the medical benefits of cannabis and aim to establish a regulated marketplace for cannabis products in Switzerland.

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MEDCAN - The Swiss Medical Cannabis Association

Formula Swiss actively supports MEDCAN's mission to legalize medical cannabis in Switzerland through financial contributions. This association provides innovative healthcare and personalised medical services, focusing on disease prevention and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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