IG HANF - The Swiss Cannabis Association

Formula Swiss is a proud member of The Swiss Cannabis Association.

The Swiss Cannabis Association (IG HANF) is a non-profit organization that was founded more than 20 years ago to advocate for the legal regulation of cannabis in Switzerland. The organization has a number of objectives, including raising awareness about the benefits of cannabis and lobbying for legal changes to facilitate its use.

IG HANF is the industry association of Swiss producers and traders of hemp product. The organization works to promote the medical benefits of cannabis, as well as to advocate for the decriminalization of its recreational use. In addition, they are working towards the development of a regulated marketplace for cannabis products in Switzerland.

The organization also works to provide education and training on the risks and benefits of cannabis use. They also support research on cannabis-related issues, such as its effects on public health and its potential impact on the economy.

In addition to its advocacy efforts, IG HANF also engages in a variety of projects and initiatives. They recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about the potential medical benefits of cannabis, and they are currently working on a project to develop a quality control system for Swiss cannabis products. They are also involved in a number of research projects, including one to explore the potential of using cannabis for medical purposes.

In addition to their advocacy efforts, IG HANF is also a part of a coalition of groups and organizations advocating for the legal regulation of cannabis in Switzerland. This coalition includes organizations such as the Swiss Hemp Institute, the Swiss Hemp Association, and the Cannabis Industry Association.

IG HANF is an important voice in the Swiss cannabis movement, and their work is helping to bring about positive change in the Swiss cannabis industry. With their advocacy efforts, research projects, and initiatives, they are helping to promote the legal regulation of cannabis in Switzerland and to lay the groundwork for a regulated marketplace for cannabis products in the country.

We are a proud of their efforts on behalf of the entire Swiss cannabis industry.

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