Influencer Program

Collaborate with a Swiss premium brand dedicated to quality and research since 2013. Try our hundreds of organic CBD products for free, get paid to post and promote, and earn up to 30% life-time commission from all generated sales.

We work with influencers all over the World to spread the word of our products to as many people as possible.


The goals of our Influencer Program are (in no specific order):

Create product awareness

  • Increase awareness about our more than 250 different organic CBD products from Switzerland and their potential for helping people living a more healthy life.


Create brand awareness

Create testimonials

  • Showcase success stories from our customers to others.
  • Collect testimonials from influencers for our own usage.

Content creation

  • Collect photo content for our own usage.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Get links to our local websites from relevant blog posts about our brand or products.


We collaborate with influencers with audiences of all sizes, including micro-influencers with at least 500 followers on Instagram, and with influencers across all social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc.

The important factors for evaluating the potential for collaboration with influencers are:


Your audience must be relevant to our brand and products.


Your audience must appear to be authentic and not have fake followers or comments.


Your must be active on social media and post frequently.


Depending on your audience, reach, relevance, type of promotion  and other factors, we work with the following types of compensation or a combination of them:

Free product including free shipping

We ship you free products to review for free.

30% commission or discount on all sales

We setup a unique tracking code specifically for your audience, so we can track life-time sales generated from your audience in all our webshops. Usually, the code gives 15% discount to your audience on all our products, including products already on sale or discounted, and a 15% commission to you as well.

The benefit of this compensation model is that our interests are aligned and your life-time earnings are unlimited.

Sponsored posts

We pay you a pre-defined payment for the sponsorship.


A combination of the above compensation methods.

Work with us

If you would like to collaborate with us, then fill out the form below and our team will get in contact with you.