Test Results

Every production batch is tested in Swiss laboratories specialising in testing and analysing cannabis products using reputable testing methods and equipment.

We also offer third-party testing in independent laboratories in the USA or The European Union for international wholesale clients.

We also use external laboratories to verify our results and confirm that the hemp and biomass used in the production process has a high potency and free of any heavy metal content, pesticide residues etc.

The independent third-party verification process ensures that each product has the optimal cannabinoid profile and terpene content levels. To this date, we never had a single product fail a verification test in a third-party laboratory.

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All our wholesale and industrial clients and partners get an electronic or hard copy of the specific Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each of the ordered product with each batch contained.

Our partners

We work with the following testing laboratories:


E&H Services (Czech Republic)

ProVerde Laboratories

If you have any questions about the test results for our CBD products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Example of Certificates of Analysis (COAs) Full-spectrum CBD Oil

Example of Certificates of Analysis (COAs) broad spectrum CBD Oil (<0.0% THC)