2019 harvest season is here

2019 harvest season is here


In the coming weeks we will be very busy harvesting and drying this years production of more than 100.000 organic hemp plants. It is a large operation that require a lot of resources and experience and the entire family will be involved.

We grow many different strains of hemp plants like V1, Cannatonic, Harlequin, Strawberry and a few proprietary strains - all with amazing and popular aromas and a strong durability.

The weather in Switzerland has been ideal for the hemp plants this season. Not too warm for the greenhouses and not too windy, moist or rainy for the plant outdoors. If nothing changes in the next few weeks, we expect 2019 to yield another record output.

CBD flowers will soon be available to wholesalers

In the months that follows, we will start to offer sale of flowers from our different strains from greenhouse and outdoor production to our wholesale partners by the kilogram starting with a minimum purchase order of 5 kilogram of vacuum-packed flowers with a reduced THC level of less than 0.2% making them compliant in Europe and most countries. 

A very happy CEO inspecting the production of V1 hemp plants

Many have requested to buy the flowers in our webshops as well, but right now we prefer to work with our strategic partners and wholesalers in more than 35 countries.

Keep in mind that shipping hemp flowers internationally is logistically very challenging, due to the physical resemblance with marijuana plants, and thus require a lot of documentation and paperwork to pass through customs in a timely manner. It is currently not feasible to offer this service to our end customers.


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