Brand Ambassadors and influencer collaborations

We are proud to introduce you to our unique Brand Ambassadors.

Over the last few years, we built strong relationships with some outstanding athletes from all over europe. We support them as much as possible so they can achieve their goals and constantly make progress, just like we do.

These athletes also provide us with important feedback about our CBD products and their benefits in sports. 

We strive to change peoples lifes for the better and help them to show their full potential.

Meet our Brand Ambassador Rasmus D. Jørgensen, the best skier in Denmark. In the video below, Rasmus shows his journey from the beginning of his career up to where he is now.

Photocredit Thomas Vinther

Our collaborations with influencers

We are doing collaborations with popular influencers all the time to spread the word and introduce our products to a broad spectrum of people on social media.

It is very important to us that all influencers share their honest, unbiased opinion about the products. We always leave it up to the influencer, how they want to present the product and what they want to write and say about it.

Below you can see a selection of posts created by our trusted influencers.