Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

In the world of the cannabis industry, Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen is a notable figure with significant contributions.

As the CEO of Formula Swiss, his journey reflects resilience, unwavering dedication, profound knowledge, and a vision committed to shaping the future of hemp and CBD.

Through his work with Formula Swiss and his broader contributions to the industry, he continues to pave the way for a greener, healthier future.

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen - CEO of Formula Swiss

Unwavering Trust in Natural Wellness

His personal experiences further underscore his faith in these products.

His three children and three dogs have been using CBD products for over eight years, with remarkable results. His eldest dog, an Old English Bulldogge named Bumle, surpassed its life expectancy by 3.5 years.

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

Moreover, both his sons have won multiple world championships in Haidong Gumdo (martial art) in Las Vegas since 2016 at the ages of just 5 and 9.

Robin's trust in the products is unwavering; he would never offer them to his loved ones if he believed there was even a hint of harm.

"I have never once tried drugs, coffee, or cigarettes." - Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen, CEO of Formula Swiss.

Both professionally and personally, Robin has never once tried drugs, coffee, or cigarettes, underscoring his genuine belief in the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids for wellness over recreation. 

Formula Swiss: A Beacon of Natural Wellness

At the heart of Robin's endeavors lies the mission of Formula Swiss:

"To help humans and animals live a better life by giving them the highest quality natural hemp products with documented effects at prices everyone can afford."

This mission reflects a deep belief in the power of nature. The commitment to producing natural, safe, and effective products is unwavering. By eschewing artificial additives, chemicals, and adhering to organic principles, Formula Swiss stands as a testament to Robin's vision of natural wellness.

Before his significant ventures in Switzerland, Robin's entrepreneurial spirit was recognized in Denmark. In 2012, he was honored as the "Entrepreneur of the Year" in Vejle. This accolade was a testament to his dedication and innovative contributions to the business community.

Later that year, with his family by his side, Robin relocated to Switzerland, setting the stage for the inception of Formula Swiss and his continued journey in the world of CBD and hemp.

Robin's journey with Formula Swiss began in Zug, where he co-founded the company on September 9th, 2013. This venture was a pivotal milestone in his path, further solidifying his position as a green entrepreneur.

In 2021, he co-founded Formula Swiss Medical Ltd. in Denmark and took the helm as the CEO of Formula Swiss UK Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

His journey of expansion continued into 2022 with the inception of Formula Swiss Portugal Lda. in Portugal and Formula Swiss Europe Ltd. in Denmark.

A Voice for the Hemp Industry

Beyond his business expertise, Robin stands out as an influential voice in the hemp and cannabis sectors.

CEO Formula Swiss - Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

He has written hundreds of articles, sharing his insights and vision, and has been a prominent figure at various industry events and conferences.

Additionally, his active involvement in industry associations further showcases his dedication to moving the industry forward and in the right direction.

His advocacy doesn't stop at words

Robin has been a relentless advocate for the full legalization of hemp across Europe. He's not only pushed for its acceptance but has also taken on legal battles against numerous countries when they violate international laws regarding hemp.

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen at Formula Swiss

A Lifelong Pursuit of Knowledge

Behind the entrepreneur is a robust academic foundation.

From studying law in 1995 and then accelerating through business administration degrees at Copenhagen Business School and marketing management at University of Southern Denmark, Robin's academic pursuits reflect his thirst for knowledge and personal development.

His education continued with a full-time MBA at Copenhagen Business School (and IMD) and culminated in executive studies at the prestigious Wharton Executive Education in 2022 and 2023.

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