Catalonia Recognizes the Importance of Cannabis Social Clubs

Catalonia Recognizes the Importance of Cannabis Social Clubs

Recently, the Catalan Parliament acknowledged the significance of Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) in a resolution, a notable development for the growing cannabis movement in Catalonia. CatFac, the umbrella organization representing CSCs in the region, has welcomed this decision and expressed support for the demands outlined in the resolution.

In Spain, cannabis remains decriminalized rather than legal. CSCs have emerged as a viable solution, providing consumers with clean, regulated cannabis in a controlled environment. These clubs have gained popularity, especially in metropolitan areas like Barcelona, where they are more widely accepted.

The Catalan Parliament, with the support of all represented parties (excluding the ultra-right Vox), passed a resolution that recognizes CSCs as institutions for prevention and harm reduction. The Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Junts per Catalunya, En Comú Podem, and CUP parties introduced the initiative, which suggests twelve recommendations to the provincial government.

These recommendations include forming an expert committee within the Ministry of Health, consisting of members from associations and addiction prevention and care professionals. The proposal also encourages legislative changes at the state and regional levels to ensure safe access to cannabis in the future.

Furthermore, the resolution urges the Catalan government to establish a registry for CSCs and other similar institutions, enabling control mechanisms while involving officially registered clubs in future drug policy decisions.

CatFac has expressed appreciation for the resolution and supports the associated demands. Described as "a small but courageous step" in the press release, this resolution acknowledges the role of Cannabis Social Clubs and similar consumer associations as vital components within risk prevention and harm reduction strategies.

As Catalonia takes strides in recognizing the importance of Cannabis Social Clubs, it sets an example for other regions and nations to follow suit, ultimately promoting safer access to cannabis and improved public health.

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