How CBD Helps Dogs with Travel Stress

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Revolutionizing Canine Wellbeing: CBD's Role in Reducing Travel Anxiety

In a groundbreaking study, researchers at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute in the United Kingdom have discovered that daily doses of CBD can lead to "significant reductions" in stress and anxiety in dogs during car travel. This study, a milestone in pet care research, compared the behavioral and physiological stress responses of dogs receiving THC-free cannabis with a placebo group, unveiling remarkable findings.

The Study: Methodology and Findings

The study involved 20 dogs, all exhibiting signs of stress and anxiety when riding in a car. The dogs treated with CBD two hours before travel showed meaningful improvements over a 24-week review period. Measures of stress, such as whining and cortisol levels in the blood, were significantly influenced by CBD administration, suggesting a mild anxiolytic effect on dogs during car travel.

CBD's Effectiveness in Managing Canine Stress

While the placebo group also showed decreased stress levels, indicating habituation to driving, the CBD-treated group consistently exhibited lower post-test cortisol levels from the onset of treatment. This suggests that CBD could be effectively used as a single dose treatment prior to acute stressors, such as car travel.

Combining CBD with Other Interventions

Despite the presence of cortisol in the blood, researchers noted that CBD did not completely eliminate stress. They proposed that CBD is best used in combination with other interventions, like behavioral modification therapy, to fully alleviate canine stress.

Broader Implications and Future Research

The study, conducted by scientists with Mars Petcare, opens the door for additional research to understand the effect of CBD at various dosages on improving dog emotional wellbeing. The therapeutic potential of cannabis on pets and other non-human animals is a growing field of interest, with studies indicating benefits of CBD in reducing seizures and improving conditions like arthritis in dogs.

Regulatory Landscape and Future Prospects

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cautioned against the lack of data on safe levels of potential residues in foods from CBD-treated animals. However, the growing body of research, including this study, underscores the potential of CBD in enhancing the quality of life for pets, paving the way for more informed regulations and wider acceptance.

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