Delta-8 Searches Spike in States Without Legal Cannabis

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Delta-8 THC: A Rising Trend in States with Cannabis Prohibition

In an illuminating study by CBD Nationwide, data indicates a significant trend: residents in states where adult-use cannabis is criminalized show a markedly higher interest in delta-8-THC products. This interest is quantified by online searches being 1.9 times higher in states without legal cannabis markets compared to those with legalized marijuana.

The Drive Behind the Delta-8 Search Surge

Delta-8 THC, a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant, is found in minimal quantities. However, the delta-8 THC present in commercially available products is often a result of chemical synthesis, transforming hemp-derived CBD into delta-8 THC. This process, largely unregulated, has raised concerns due to the potential use of hazardous materials and the inconsistency in product quality and safety.

Consumer Safety and Regulatory Concerns

Unregulated delta-8 products have consistently been found to contain lower levels of the compound than advertised, raising questions about product integrity. Furthermore, some products have been found to contain heavy metal contaminants and unlabeled cutting agents, posing significant health risks to consumers.

  • Online searches for delta-8 THC are higher in states with cannabis prohibition.
  • The majority of delta-8 THC in products results from chemical synthesis.
  • Concerns over product safety and regulation highlight the need for consumer caution.

This trend towards increased interest in delta-8 THC products in states with strict cannabis laws underscores a broader conversation about cannabis regulation, consumer safety, and the evolving landscape of cannabinoid products in the market. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, the spotlight on delta-8 THC and similar compounds highlights the critical importance of informed consumer choices and the need for comprehensive regulatory oversight.

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Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

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