NHS Launches Major Clinical Trial on Cannabis Medicines for Chronic Pain

NHS Launches Major Clinical Trial

Groundbreaking Clinical Trial on Cannabis Medicines

The UK has always been at the forefront of medical research, and its latest endeavour is no exception. The National Health Service (NHS) has approved a clinical trial that will delve deep into the potential benefits of cannabis-based medicines for chronic pain sufferers.

The Genesis of the Trial

At the heart of this groundbreaking research is Celadon Pharmaceuticals, a renowned licensed producer of cannabis-based medicines in the UK. In collaboration with its private pain clinic, LVL Health, the company has received the green light from the NHS Research Ethics Committee to initiate its non-cancer chronic pain clinical trial. This trial aims to include up to 5,000 patients, making it one of the most extensive studies of its kind.

Previous Endeavours

Celadon's journey towards this monumental trial began with a three-month feasibility study, which had the conditional approval of the MHRA. This preliminary study, involving 100 patients, yielded promising results. Not only did patients report enhanced quality of life and improved sleep patterns, but there was also a significant reduction in opioid usage.

Chronic Pain: A Growing Concern

Chronic pain is not just a minor ailment; it's a debilitating condition that affects millions. In the UK alone, estimates suggest that up to 28 million individuals grapple with some form of chronic pain. Each year, around 14,000 people are diagnosed with severe pain conditions like fibromyalgia. While private prescriptions for cannabis medicines to address chronic pain are not uncommon, there's a pressing need for more concrete data to support its widespread prescription through the NHS.

Aims and Objectives

This comprehensive clinical trial has a clear mission: to amass a robust data set that can champion the broader prescription of cannabis-based medicines. The long-term vision is to facilitate potential reimbursement by the NHS, making these medicines more accessible to the masses. In a significant move, both general practitioners and specialist doctors will be authorised to prescribe the product to trial participants. The recruitment process, set to be facilitated through charities and national organisations, will be unveiled in detail soon, ensuring a swift and efficient roll-out of the trial.

Celadon's Commitment to Patient Welfare

Celadon Pharmaceuticals has always prioritised patient welfare, and this trial is a testament to that commitment. James Short, the CEO of Celadon, expressed his elation at the trial's approval. He emphasised the company's patient-first approach and highlighted the remarkable improvements in patient quality of life observed in the initial study. The overarching goal for Celadon is to instil confidence in doctors regarding cannabis-based medicine prescriptions and to cultivate a robust UK data set for these medicines. This aligns with their strategic investment in LVL and the trial protocol, which was meticulously developed over two years.


The approval of this clinical trial marks a significant milestone in the realm of medical research on cannabis. With the potential to reshape the landscape of chronic pain management in the UK, the outcomes of this trial are eagerly anticipated by medical professionals, patients, and the pharmaceutical industry alike.

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