Study Shows ‘Entourage Effect’ Boosts Cannabis High

Cannabis plant symbolising 'Entourage Effect’

Novel research highlights cannabis “entourage effect” over THC potency

A recent collaboration between PAX, a global cannabis brand, and Canadian neurotechnology company Zentrela has unveiled groundbreaking insights into the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

This study, leveraging brainwave research, suggests that the "entourage effect" of cannabis, rather than THC potency alone, plays a significant role in the psychoactive experience.

Understanding the “entourage effect”

The study employed EEG-based analysis to quantify the psychoactive effects, including the onset time and maximum strength, of PAX’s Live Rosin with Natural Diamonds and High Purity THC cannabis products.

Key findings indicate that whole plant, full-spectrum products produce a faster onset and more than double the psychoactive experience compared to distillate products with similar THC levels. This phenomenon, known as the "entourage effect," involves the synergistic interaction of various cannabis compounds like phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

What is The Entourage Effect in Cannabis?

The research methodology

The study involved 28 participants who used a PAX device to consume cannabis vapor. Zentrela’s portable EEG device recorded brainwave data from eight regions before and after consumption. Using machine learning, the EEG data was analyzed to determine psychoactive effect levels (PEL) on a standardized scale.

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Implications for consumers

Brian Witlin, VP of Product Development at PAX, noted, "Consumers typically shop for cannabis products based on THC, which can be misleading. This study demonstrates that full-spectrum products, with a range of terpenes and cannabinoids, have a more profound impact on the cannabis experience than THC percentage alone."

  • Full-spectrum products deliver a faster and more intense psychoactive experience.
  • THC potency is not the sole indicator of a cannabis product’s effects.
  • Consumers are encouraged to consider the full range of cannabis compounds when selecting products.

Expert opinions

Israel Gasperin, founder and CEO of Zentrela, emphasized the importance of understanding cannabis effects through advanced scientific research. He stated, "Our mission is to help consumers better understand the experiences that cannabis products create. Partnering with PAX allows us to use cutting-edge neurotechnology to expand our knowledge of cannabis effects."

Personal insights

In reflecting on this research, I am impressed by the innovative approach taken by PAX and Zentrela. The findings challenge common perceptions about THC potency and underscore the importance of the entourage effect.

This research not only aids in making more informed purchasing decisions but also enriches our understanding of the complex interactions within cannabis. It is evident that as the industry evolves, so must our methods of evaluating and selecting cannabis products.

Witnessing the convergence of advanced neurotechnology and cannabis research is truly remarkable. This study paves the way for a more nuanced appreciation of cannabis, potentially influencing both consumer behaviour and future scientific inquiries.

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