Switzerland legalise recreational and medical cannabis usage

Switzerland legalise recreational and medical cannabis usage

On Tuesday the 26th of October, the Swiss politicians decided that cannabis should be fully legalised in Switzerland.

The cultivation, production, trade and consumption of cannabis should be allowed and organised under a new set of rules.

Specifically, it calls for the cultivation, production, trade and consumption of THC-containing cannabis to be reorganized in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Commission on Addiction Issues (EKSF). The four-pillar model of Swiss drug policy should be taken into account.

This means, for example: The control of production and trade must be guaranteed by state organs - in particular with regard to the protection of minors, consumer protection and information. The medical market must be separated from the non-medical market.

The aim is to dry up the black market by lifting prohibition, as stated in the initiative text. Instead, rules on taxation, advertising and cultivation of cannabis for personal use are to be established.

Importantly, it appears that not only will medical use be allowed, but recreational use will also be approved.

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Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

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