Switzerland Plans More Cannabis Model Projects: A Progressive Step

Switzerland Plans More Cannabis Model Projects: A Progressive Step

Progressive Steps in Cannabis Legislation

In Germany, after the decriminalisation of cannabis consumption and cultivation, and the permission for Cannabis Social Clubs to supply their members with cannabis, scientifically accompanied model projects are planned in various areas. Already nine cities have expressed their interest in participating in these pilot projects to find out how a legal distribution of cannabis can affect society and the black market trade.

Switzerland's Approach to Cannabis

In Switzerland, they are already a little further in this respect, as after a short delay, the first model project called "Weed Care" in Basel started at the end of January this year. This was followed by the cities of Lausanne and Zurich, where now a limited number of adult persons can legally obtain their need for cannabis or hashish for pleasure purposes via pharmacies.

Green Light for More Model Projects

In Switzerland, the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) granted permission for further model projects in various cities in May. So after the start of the "Weed Care" study in January, another investigation can now be carried out in Bern, Lucerne and Biel on the effects of a legal marijuana trade.

The "Script" Study

The University of Bern and Lucerne are to find out in the somewhat larger and named "Script" study what changes a legalisation of cannabis causes. The results of the model projects scheduled for autumn 2023, in which around a thousand people are expected to participate according to the University of Bern, will most likely then be able to be used to influence the government's policy on cannabis.

Another Model in the Municipality of Vernier

In addition to the "Script" study, a somewhat different model project will be able to be carried out in the municipality of Vernier, located in the canton of Geneva. The BAG granted approval here for a single pharmacy with the name "Cannabinothek", which will enable regulated access to cannabis.

The Great Benefit of Cannabis Model Projects

If sufficient validatable information about the change in dealing with cannabis is obtained in this way, this can contribute to a well-founded basis for discussion regarding a more responsible cannabis policy in Switzerland. The diverse information from these studies ultimately enables a comprehensive assessment of cannabis legalisation in Switzerland.

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