Thailand's Activists Urge Continued Cannabis Legalisation

Thailand's Cannabis Legalisation

Thailand's Progressive Steps Towards Cannabis Legalisation

Thailand's move to legalise cannabis and CBD for medical purposes in 2018 was a surprising yet progressive step. The country, once known for its strict penalties against cannabis consumers, expanded its legalisation, allowing people to grow cannabis after registration.

The Boom of Cannabis Trade

Since June last year, a significant boom has occurred, with businesses and traders catering to customers seeking natural intoxicants. This was not the intended outcome of the legislation, as even tourists were explicitly informed through a cannabis guide that consumption was primarily restricted to medical use.

Uncertainty in Cannabis Legislation

Despite several revisions to the law, no agreement could be reached in the House of Representatives. With the recent elections in Thailand, there are valid concerns about how the situation might regress under the leadership of the newly elected Move Forward Party.

Reclassification of Cannabis

The announcement of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the Move Forward Party and other coalition partners, which includes a clause regarding the downgrading of cannabis as a narcotic, has alarmed Thai activists. The cannabis lobby group, "Writing Thailand's Cannabis Future", has opposed the new coalition government's proposal to retroactively criminalise cannabis.

Protests and Demands for Clarity

The group has been organising protests and demanding clear information about the effects of cannabis from the Move Forward Party-led coalition. This is particularly important as the party plans to implement a policy of de-monopolisation for alcohol, which would facilitate access. Activists see this as a potential risk leading to more comprehensive health problems and increased traffic accidents. Therefore, they urge the Move Forward Party to compare the disadvantages of cannabis with those of alcohol and tobacco.

Benefits of Legal Access to Cannabis

The group has highlighted on Facebook that cannabis can be considered an affordable alternative for medical treatment. This is particularly important for financially disadvantaged individuals and those for whom conventional hospital therapies have not made progress. Therefore, the activists insist that the Move Forward Party can substantiate its intentions with precise information about cannabis, backed by research, statistics, and solid evidence.

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