How to use CBD to calm your pets

How to use CBD to calm your pets

Like humans, pets also suffer from anxiety, fear, and nervousness. Their senses are very sensitive; they can feel all changes that happen in the atmosphere. Especially on events and parties when fireworks start and the sky is filled with countless light, mostly pets feel anxious or afraid. But they can't tell what they feel but only a few symptoms can express their situation. Pets are of many kinds but here we discuss common pets (dogs and cats).

Symptoms of fear or anxiety:

  • Hide themselves
  • Urinate
  • Scratching things
  • Vomit and shaking
  • Discomfort (running here and there)
  • Offensive Actions

CBD helps to calm pets

There are many individuals who use CBD oil to deal with anxiety in their pets on parties. During the events, loud noise causes disturbance among them because normally they are not used to it. There are also many people who like to use CBD products to fight with their own issues. 

A recent study shows that the effect of hemp has been controlled. New research discovered that it also changes the range of hydroxytryptamine. The main cause of low levels of hydro-oxytryptamin is both anxiety and depression.

How to give CBD to pets?

The best way to keep your pet out of anxiety is to give CBD several hours before fireworks because CBD takes some time to go through the pet's digestive system and after it starts working. 

There are many CBD products that can be used to reduce fear and anxiety, but here are the two most effective products for pets:

  • Oil drops
  • CBD pet treats

The efficiency of CBD products for cats has been confirmed only by the research and proof that is given by many cat owners. Same results are noticed in dogs.

The choice between CBD oil and pet procedure depends on how your dog takes the medicine.

CBD oil drops:

These are given by pulling a few drops in the mouth of the dog. You can also add this oil in the food if your dog is not taking it in his mouth. 

CBD dog treats:

This product looks like other dogs treats. It also has the same taste as other favourite treats. Surely your dog will love to eat it.

The quantity of CBD oil that you have to give to your pet to calm him during fireworks will depend on many factors. These are:

  • Size of your pet
  • Level of fear or anxiety

It also depends on the quantity of CBD you buy. The fine quality of CBD comes with guidelines of how much you have to give it to your pet. Excessive use of oil and other product may cause other negative effects. Be careful and get fully aware of these products.

Other remedies to help calm your dog:

  • Keep your pet indoors while firework started.
  • Keep your pet busy
  • Play soft music to make them comfortable.

Make sure that you give the right dosage of CBD to your pet to assure that they can get the positive effects. You will notice a positive change in the healthy and attitude of your pet.

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