Can CBD help to deal with a painkiller addiction?

by Formula Swiss September 30, 2019 3 min read

Can CBD help to deal with a painkiller addiction?

Addiction of anything can ruin your life, and when it's about addiction to painkillers or opioids then you should definitely start to think about yourself before its too late. You will be amazed to know how an overdose of opioids or painkillers can take a number of lives and are life-threatening. According to statistics, in 2015 there was 33,000 or more opioid-related death in the United States and about half of that overdose deaths were due to the prescription opioids or painkillers like oxycodone, hydrocodone or methadone. These medications are highly addictive and are prescribed to patients in order to relieve their symptoms, however, sometimes they become a problem.

Another shocking fact is that the sales of prescription opioids and deaths due to an overdose of opioids have been quadrupled from 1999 till today.

CBD for dealing with opioid addiction

Cannabis has a non-existent death rate worldwide and is also able to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from various diseases including cancer, HIV or Crohn’s disease. Now, opioid exit procedure is also added to the list of benefits that CBD provides.

CBD is helpful in getting rid of addictive painkillers because researchers have evidence that CBD is effective in overcoming opioid addiction and also for relieving pain.

In the ABC15 report, the doctors of Blue Door Therapeutics said that CBD has been helpful in dealing with nausea as well as other symptoms that result from opioid withdrawal. This is because CBD blocks the effects of opioids on the brain. In addition to this CBD also has anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory qualities, therefore, it helps to deal with the underlying condition of the patients.

Facts you need to know

Moreover, scientist of British Columbia Center on substance use researched on cannabis and found that the people initiating anti-opioid procedure were 21% more likely to continue the process if they consume cannabis on daily basis. Relative studies on mice and also on humans found that THC has a lower effect on the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. However, CBD is a better option when taking the anti-opioid therapy. It is also found that CBD deals with relapse which results from drug craving.

Apart from that a review done by National Academic of Science and Medicine on 100,000 studies of humans concluded that cannabis is a non-opioid pain-relieving product which is safe and effective in alleviating chronic pain.

It has also been seen in the world time and again that whenever the chronic pain patients are provided with cannabis, their daily dose of opioids reduces to half and they also report improvement in their daily lives because cannabis minimizes the mental fog and other unpleasant side effects that come from opioids.

Another amazing thing about the CBD and painkillers relation is that when cannabis became legal in the US the opioid mortality rate decreased by 24.8%.

CBD is also helpful in relieving stress and anxiety that results from starting anti-opioid procedure. Therefore it helps the individuals who relapse due to negative mood and anxiety.




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