What is cannabis oil?

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil, you must have heard this term quite a lot of time every time you searched for a herbal or organic treatment for the severe as well mild diseases. But we highly doubt that despite coming across the term a thousand times, you must not have shopped for or used it. This due to the reason that despite the fact the cannabis oil is becoming immensely popular and successful all around the world the right kind of the awareness is still lacking on the online medical blogs.

This is to an extent that a lot of the people are still suffering from the same disease since years and medically struggling to get out of it with the help of the advanced medical theories.

However, what is better than these harmful and addictive medicines that not only treats the ailments but also prevents them from happening, that too through a natural and organic source? Yes, you guessed that right.

Cannabis oil is the answer to every effort that people are trying to make for curing their chronic and mild diseases. But before we jump to the benefits of this product, let us first understand what exactly is the cannabis oil, from where it is generated, and the myths surrounding the phenomenon so that it will be easier for you to understand the reality behind the naturally produced oil.

Understanding the term cannabis

Cannabis is a plant often related to marijuana for a clear explanation because unlike cannabis, marijuana is a more common term for the non-medical people. So basically, the cannabis plant has different breeds in the same hemp that it has from which the oil is extracted to be mixed with other organic oils such as the olive oil.

This way, the cannabis plant is known to produce different kinds on the oils for numerous purposes, all related to the field of medicine. However, the names and effects of each type of the cannabis oil also differentiate from the other that has created a whole of the confusion among its users.

While some say that the high effects of marijuana, like smoking weed, are also a part of the oil extracted from the cannabis plant, the others refuse to believe this myth and continue using it, without facing any side-effects.

The four different types of cannabis oil

Simply put, the cannabis plant is one but the hemp that it consists of has different ingredients according to the plant’s breed. These ingredients have obviously different medical effects which are used for the treatment of several mental and physical conditions. This is also the main reason for the confusion about the cannabis oil and its side-effects because yes, there are a couple of the ingredients in the hemp of the cannabis plant that produce dangerous effects for the human body.

Here are different types of the cannabis oils, named differently with certain benefits and side-effects for an improved understanding about the product and the myths surrounding it.

  1. CBD oil:

    One of the ingredients in the hemp of the cannabis plant is cannabidiol, also known as CBD. The oil extracted from CBD is called the CBD oil and is also the most popular one among the others. More often, people refer to the cannabis oil as the CBD oil because of the maximum number of advantages that it provides to its users that are also scientifically approved.

    The CBD oil is being used as a common product by people who prefer the organic treatment over the harmful medicines, which is also why it is becoming a successful natural treatment in most parts of the world.

  2. THC oil:

    Tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC is also one of the main ingredients found in the hemp of the cannabis plant. However, the reason as to why THC is not much common as compared to CBD is its side-effects that are related to smoking weed for making the brain high on it. While THC is a totally different component of the cannabis plant, it is being referred to as a type of the CBD oil by some of the medical authorities for creating confusion among its users.

    On the other hand, apart from the side effects, the THC oil is also used for the treatment of some diseases that need the patient to be in the particular mental condition because that is probably how it works.

  3. Hemp oil:

    The hemp oil is a total misconception created by people who have read the term on some cannabis product’s description. As mentioned above, the hemp is a part of the cannabis plant that might be differentiated from the separate breeds that it has. However, the hemp oil is a definite thing that is originated from the hemp of the cannabis plant to produce the desired effects, according to the required amount of CBD and THC.

    That said, if a company is selling the hemp oil then there is definitely much more to the product’s description that should be considered before buying it.

  4. Marijuana oil:

    The marijuana oil is also a type of the cannabis plant and the name is used for the product for the same reason, i.e. for the customers to have a better approach towards it. This is due to the fact that while marijuana still has some harmful side-effects such as the excessive release of artificial dopamine, it is used as an alternative term for the cannabis oil, mainly CBD.

    This is for the reason that marijuana oil, which in reality is the cannabis oil, is taken as a harmful organic product that cannot be trusted for treating the mental and physical conditions.

    The other types of the cannabis oil include Butane Oil, Rick Simpson Oil, and the CO2 oil, all of which have different benefits with the most common one being the treatment and prevention of the dangerous diseases in the specified time period with minimal side-effects.

Benefits of the cannabis oil

  • It is suitable for treating severe neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • It is highly beneficial for the treatment of mild and severe body pains.
  • It is known to be a good cure and prevention of the skin diseases such as acne and eczema.
  • It has proved to be successful weight loss treatment.
  • Anxiety and depression are also curable with the cannabis oil.

The cannabis oil has a vast explanation for the term becoming controversial in the last few years. However, with the increased awareness and the amount of the successful treatments in its favor, the cannabis oil is becoming equally popular with the right kind of the attention that it deserves.

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