Cannabis enhances sex

by Formula Swiss September 27, 2019 3 min read

Cannabis enhances sex

The Psychology Today published an article in 2010 in which they mentioned that there is a very limited data available on the relation of cannabis and libido. They also explained the sexual effects of all the other behaviour and mood changing drugs like amphetamines, alcohol, antidepressants, narcotics, and cocaine has been well documented. All the mood changing drugs have been studied by the experts various time but there is not much data available on the sexual effects of marijuana. That is why people want to know whether cannabis a sex-enhancing or sex inhibiting drug.

However, a recent study has been published in 2018 which has provided more information about the relation of cannabis with sex and how cannabis has various sex-enhancing properties.

In the first study, there were at least 100 women surveyed and it was found that they have used cannabis right before having sex.

  • 65% of the ladies said that it is sex enhancing
  • 3% said that it is sex ending
  • 23% said that they noticed no change in their libido or performance.
  • However, 9% said that they will not be expressing their experience.

However, in the final study experts extracted the data from tens of thousands of adults who have taken cannabis before sex. The survey was conducted at a National Level and it was found that in men 22% of sexual activity was improved and in ladies, there was 34% improvement in the sexual activity. However, those who have used the CBD for more than one week showed a better sexual frequency and that is how it was proved that CBD can improve and enhance the sexual activity in people.

How cannabis can enhance sex

There are many people who have a single question in mind how cannabis can improve sex. You should know that it also acts as a mood-altering drug. It means that cannabis will surely improve the mood of the person who is taking it. There are many people who are using cannabis only to maintain a good mood in all situations. However, in the same way, it can improve the flow of blood in the body. Once the blood flow will be improved it will help in increasing the libido of the person. Once there is no stress or other issues that a person might have to deal with, he/she will surely enjoy the sexual activity.

However, experts are conducting more research to find out whether cannabis can be effective in various sexual problems that people are having. The researchers want to find out whether cannabis can be used as a solution for different sexual problems that people are suffering from. There is a chance that soon cannabis will be advertised as the drug that can help you have the best sexual experience. However, before that experts have to conduct research and find out whether they should get permission for using cannabis for sexual activity or not.

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