Organic Spirulina Powder 250g

  • Spirulina is an algae, and one of the most complete foods on the planet. It is a rich source of protein. This protein is abundant in all nine of the essential amino acids (those we cannot make for ourselves and so have to obtain from food).

    The protein content of Spirulina makes it popular with people following fitness regimes.

    Spirulina is dried using a natural process of spray evaporation to create Spirulina powder. This process preserves its nutritional content. It takes about 10 kg of the fresh product to make 1 kg of the powder.

    Spirulina also provides several highly-concentrated vitamins and minerals. Centuries ago the Aztec civilisation cultivated it as a staple food, and today it is regarded as central to some Asian diets. Although it can grow in natural conditions, most Spirulina today is produced commercially.

  • We recommend that you take one heaped teaspoon (3 grams) mixed with water, once or twice a day. It should ideally be taken 30 minutes before meals.

    Store your Spirulina Powder in a cool, dry place.

  • Nutritional information per 100 g:
    • Energy – 1594/378 kJ/kcal;
    • Protein - 63.5 g;
    • Carbohydrate - 9.1 g;
      • of which sugars - 3.00 g;
    • Fat - 8.2 g;
      • of which saturates - 1.1 g;
    • Fibre - 7 g.

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